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To all our long-suffering customers, we have three words: Parking, parking, and parking! See below!

beerIn April 2007, Asheville Brewers began its fourteenth year in business, and we owe it all to our customers!

PLEASE AND THANKS DO INDEED NOTE that we have moved! Now located at 712-B Merrimon Avenue, in North Asheville, directly across the street from the North Asheville Post Office. We could throw a rock and hit Asheville Pizza and Brewing, though we'd never do that - those folks are really nice!

Once again, thanks for your patronage, and happy brewing!




Our Own Kits
We feel our kits are worthy of your consideration because of some important features:

We supply appropriate liquid yeast with all our kits. If you have not yet brewed with liquid yeast cultures, we urge you to try a batch.

We supply premium hops blended specifically for the style. Most kits include some whole grain, yielding greater character and finish.

All grains and leaf hops are supplied in muslin boiling bags, eliminating messy straining and sediment-heavy beer.

We supply complete compounding information with each of our kits, so you can adjust ingredients and begin to build your own “house” recipes.

Our instructions are clear and specific. You can make these fine beers with basic homebrewing equipment, though a brewing thermometer is most helpful for best results.

Kits include everything needed to make five gallons (roughly two cases) of beer, except for bottles, caps and priming sugar.

Bear in mind that all of our kits are “deluxe” recipes; you could easily add an extra half-gallon of water and wind up with adequate body, not to mention an extra six-pack.